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Comma ground is a non-profit company founded in 2020. The four founders share the same mission: to promote art in the community. We believe through engagement  in a form of art and culture, the public will get inspired through this experience and can move on their lives with more power and imagination. 


Our vision is to make some differences in the society by carrying out creative, fun, innovative experiments here in Hong Kong. We value diversity, inclusivity and collaboration. 

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We are now actively working with organizations in various fields, lining up resources and different strengths to make our dream come true. Each member of us is dedicated to different fields of art-making. On hand, apart from art display, workshops, broadcast, we also have interactive projects intertwining with history, culture and urban planning. 


We yearn for more new ideas, resources and partners to open up a broader perspective and a wider possibility.

Meet The Team

    Shirley Mok

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    Life is a voyage and Shirley likes to travel without a map and immerses herself in different cultures. 

    A novice art exhibitionist and event planner, who believes life is an art. She engages, enkindles thought, and creates moments of discovery. 


    A Fine Arts graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong who is eager to put her education to use--to connect people via events. 

    Cassia Leung

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    Cassia cares about the urban cities design, humans habits and measurements in the community.


    She graduated from the Chinese University in Hong Kong, majoring in Fine Arts 

    focusing on idea ideations.

    Currently she is staying in

    South Africa to experience

    and explore the world.

    Personal Portfolio

    Jade Lui

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    Jade is a campaigner for peace, justice and earth who believes that art, eloquence and beauty are the best means to convey

    our messages.


    Trying to grasp the rhythm in

    the city, as long as our body

    and nature, explores where we are now and how the new order will be presented.


    Graduated in School of Creative Media and

    Leuphana University in Germany,

    focused in media art.


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